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If I can newly work in the fashion industry in near future, I’ll have to reset my past life and all past works again for making myself revive. Because, there need extraordinary creative power and stupendous stamina.


‘Do I have them? And, how do I do it?’

Then, I just believe me, believe my potential and only trust a real desire of my soul. It’s the biggest challenging in my remaining life and the best way interfacing to my next future life.



The miracles are that happen by design not by chance. All of them depend on both strong wishes and strenuous efforts of people, and all our actions have the aura of inevitability.


So a woman’s model I will exactly see, fatally burst into my eyes as a golden opportunity in my life. In contrast, it has to be. Of course, I don’t matter whether she is already a professional model or not.

The most important thing is a cool, beautiful, tough-minded and unselfish woman who has strong eyes through another mysterious universe, and then, who can work with me, at least for the next three years, as only the best partner with mutual trusts in our creative lives.

Moreover, she must be a smart woman who can produce a new art and make a movement together.

“Where are you now? When will you appear in front of me?”





Selling a stuff made by a real artist is nothing but that a part of soul is sold by pieces. It’s not only equal for a client to a fix of love, a grain of truth or a light of hope but also it allows an artist to get a piece of bread for surviving only a little bit of hours or a few moments in this world comparable to a thin stream of blood trickled from his body.




My current photo art style strictly means ‘BORDERLESS’ at a word with the following 7 concepts;

1. A renaissance of the soul
2. Symbiosis with all this world’s phenomena
3. The eternal conflict with time and space in the universe
4. Beat myself, beat my core and beat my existence
5. Resistance against all invisible pressures
6. Warning against the hegemony of civilization, science and fashion
7. One love in Chaos



Over the course of human history or at any fields all over the world, being the heretic person with a tough and strong spirit of rebelliousness hidden beneath a shy and sensitive personality is the only way to great master.


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