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Sense of distance between the camera and the subject through the lens, the judgment of what that moment, for me, is the most important task. If I make a wrong decision, not only the subject, I would undermine the nature of space-time around it.

New YorkーNow, what should I take? If I am, do I keep a sense of what distance?

However, at the end of the day, as long as I do not try a visit to the space actually, and, unless I take everything with a sixth sense and the senses of myself, unless through the lens In fact, it is, nobody know yet.

 It is, maybe someone already has been decided on. 


ニューヨーク  ーさて、僕は、どう撮るべきか、僕なら、どんな距離感を保てるのか。







Two years have passed too soon from that catastrophe. And now, I think again. I must live cherish the moment more than ever, towards my dream, never give up until the end, as long as there is this life, for many people who lost their precious lives that day.



Now! Completed!!

This is one of additional remarks for NY exhibition. For all of my stuffs, on total 126 sheet, I wrote my signature & date per each on ‘Mar-11th-2013’.

* Sample photo: NY#002 (E/D: 3/3)
Title: Funeral Procession of Time XI - ‘Towards the Within’ #033
★A4→21.0cm × 29.7cm, 8.27inch × 11.69inch

***All printed on Fine Art Paper - Hahnemuhle ‘BANBOO’ (290gsm Natural Warm Tone) for Spiritual Black & White Photography.

(C) Osamu Jinguji, All Right Reserved. 






New York is ‘The Contemporary Art’ itself. 

So, for surviving there, regardless of how to show a plane with conventional, also, in order to combine and entertainment value of some kind in the future, three-dimensional works that take advantage of the characteristics of the art of photography which I produce, or video media that combines music and I believe, must be produced. 

And now, looking for the most suitable tools and techniques to do so.










Decipher the trends of contemporary art world, the art direction of my aim whether correct, in order not to end in mere self-satisfaction, I must always check for the standing position. 

However, for the true artist, now, a work, whether or not sold, or famous or anonymous, it does not matter at all. Whether or not the line of sight to 100 years, or, works that survive until 100 years after my death, it is important to me, whether or not to make while I’m alive. 

From the viewpoint of those, even in my case, everything is still missing.







On 2011, my works have been ever featured in a web magazine in NY. 
On 2012, only at a moment but they’ve been displayed at NY broadway. 

And, this year on 2013, my representative works with frames themselves, at the first time, will directly reach to NYC across the pacific ocean. 

So, I love NYC for all true contemporary artists!!
And, I believe ‘American Dream’ for all of them!!!!


3 kinds of my stuffs (Sample NY#001~003) w/frame and a special portfolio book NY#001~020 (all A4 sizes, not for sale, all printed on Fine Art Paper - Hahnemuhle ‘Photo Rag Baryta’) for this exhibition, which you can meet there in May.

Exhibition ‘Art Fusion: Japanese Contemporary Pioneers 2013’ in NYC 
(My part: May 15~21) …

(C) Osamu Jinguji, All Right Reserved. 

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