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“To beat my SELF, beat my CORE and beat my


and my LIFE. And! That’s my ART & SOUL in this



Photo Artist/Creator in Japan, Photography Contributor for Art+Commerce/VOGUE (New York, PhotoVogue Collection)


Osamu Jinguji is a photo artist and a creator in Japan. His career by them has re-started since his first poetry-photo book has been published in 2009. After that, he has been ever participating in a lot of group exhibitions, art fairs in New York (ex; SCOPE), in Miami (ex; SPECTRUM), in Spain (ex; ARTEANDO) and in Germany (ex; BERLINER LISTE), etc. Also, his works***, for the last several years and at many countries, have been featured on a variety of Art Web Magazines including 'The Arte Fotografica' (Portugal) and so on. In February of 2014, they have finally appeared in the PhotoVogue Collection (A collaboration w/ VOGUE Italia) at Art +Commerce in NY.


Osamu Jinguji’s current photo art style can be strictly defined as ‘BORDERLESS (No Border)’ a word which encapsulates the following 7 concepts: 1. A renaissance of the soul/2. Symbiosis with all this world’s phenomena/3. The eternal conflict with time and space in the universe/4. Beat myself, beat my core and beat my existence/5. Resistance against all invisible pressures/6. Warning against the hegemony of civilization, science and fashion/7. One love in Chaos


Specialization: Black and White, Street, Abstract, City Life, Architecture, Conceptual, Portrait, Doll, Performer, Live & Stage, etc.

***The amount of my works : 3,599 stuffs dated Dec-1st-2015 (4th-May-2010 ~)


Art + Commerce: PhotoVogue Collection - photos by Osamu Jinguji

Music by Sleepthief "Eurydice (feat. Jody Quine)" in The Dawnseeker

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