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 MonoVision  / UK. Black & White Photography Magazine. Featured on May 21, 2015. 
 lamono  / Barcelona, Spain. lamono is an art and urban culture magazine. Featured on Oct 18, 2015. 
 Parallel Planets  / Philippines. Counterparts & Coexistence of Worlds in Between. Monochrome matters, parallel perspectives, and spatial subjects — these are our bare bases. We are bold, black, and beautiful: a conglomeration of creative oeuvres by various artists unravelled worldwide. Featured on Nov 12, 2015. 
 Aesthetica  / York, UK. My featured online-article with my interview "Interview with Photographer Osamu Jinguji" by Aesthetica Magazine was purblished on Jan-12, 2016. 
 Check their post on Facebook page →  / Ankara, Turkey. was founded to help small, medium and large businesses and organizations in their press releases distribution. Purblished on Jan-12, 2016.
 STRKNG Editors' Selection - #2  / Köln, Germany. STRKNG is an international portfolio collection and online gallery for contemporary photography. Up to three images are selected daily for the topic Editor's Selection and are shared widely in social media. Photographers, Models and Designers/Brands are welcome to contribute great portfolios and striking images at Published on Dec 21, 2016 on issuu.
 Popular Photo (PP) Magazine  / Khulna, India. A place for creative photographers around the world to share their endless imagination in creative categories of photography.. Featured in both "New collection of Top Photos Of Our Popular photo Photography Group" and  "Best Photos of Community of Popular Photo Photographers in Facebook"  on Dec 26, 2016. 
 BurstOut Magazine  / London, England. Premier urban magazine. Featured on Jan 14, 2017.   Check their post on Medium →  
 Niebra eternal  / Betanzos, Spain. A blog spot by Raquel Vázquez. Published on Jan 28, 2017. 
 Japan Creators  /  Tokyo, Japan. Japan Creators "ProCameraman FILE 2017" Web Version: Creator''s Link of Photographers was published on Jan 30, 2017 (by all Japanese language). 
 FlashMode Arabia  / Headquarters: Ariana, Tunisia. Featured on  FlashMode  Arabia, who is a fashion and lifestyle magazine, reaching out the higher soceity covering a range of top-class events taking place in the world, on Feb 1, 2017.
 ARTISTS IN THE WORLD  / Rome, Italy. Press Release, Poster, Flyer and Video of “ArtExpo Rome March 2017”, Italy, on Mar 3, 2017.
 CNU.CC  / China - CNU视觉联盟 Vision Alliance​ / China, Committed to the dissemination of outstanding visual culture, visual arts research, exchange of visual ideas, pioneering public aesthetic vision of professional visual website, Issued on Mar-6-2017
 全影网  / China ·中国人像摄影学会诚信合作媒体 China Photo Society of integrity cooperation media. Featured on Mar 10, 2017.
 XSEE大視覚 xsee Corporation  / China - ·Great visual image is a contemporary website, gathered the most stylish, dynamic, professional photographers, high-quality photographs for publication, exchange and sharing of photographic techniques, involving humanistic photography, travel photography, landscape photography, documentary photography and other items are taken to show the faithful work, communication skills, professional experience sharing platform. Featured on Mar 14 2017.
 Leitrim Observer (Newspaper)  / Laitrim, Ireland. A report dated 4th-May, 2017 of 'Wide Open eyes' photo exhibition in Solas Gallery, Ballinamore.  Leitrim Observer  is all the news, sport and entertainment from Co. Leitrim and surrounding areas.
 Incircolarte  / Bari Santo Spirito, Italy. A article dated 8-May, 2017 of 'Incircolarte" plays an absolutely free service of publication of press releases of the activities related to the art world.

his use of black and white allows him to explore echoes of past selves, the world of the unconscious and his own aesthetics and philosophy



Music by Lesiem "Lesiem" in Mystic SpiritVoices (2002) 

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