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 VOGUE (Italia)  / My Portfolio on PhotoVogue, MEMBER SINCE: AUG 1, 2013

Art + Commerce (New York) / A biggest agent in Worldwide treating  the PhotoVogue Collections  including my works

 Art + Commerce: PhotoVogue Collection - photos by Osamu Jinguji 

   ★As I have already registered as a contributer for the PhotoVogue Collection at  Art + Commerce (NY)  in Oct-2013, my work will become 

 available to editors, creative  directors, designers, agents andother esteemed professionals throughout the publishing and creative industries  worldwide. Clientsof Art + Commerce, including magazines, book publishers and web sites, will be able to purchase my photographs for one-time editorial use, from the end of January, 2014!! 

 See 'The First Anniversary' on my LinkedIn Publishments 


 LinkedIn  Reached to 15K+ Connections in Dec-2017 / My Latest Resume for International Activity, MEMBER SINCE: MAY 11, 2011 
 [APPENDIX] In 2015-January, the number of my LinkedIn network reached to 11,020 (11K) + connections (Top-5 connected
 countries accounting for 80% of all: USA / UK / FRA / ESP / ITA) and 18,820,000 (18.8M) + professionals!! 
→→→My Current Main Connections on LinkedIn (dated Jan-31-2015);
 + Country (Top-5): 
USA 2734 (25%), UK 2506 (23%), Spain 1238 (11%), France 1209 (11%), Italy 1177 (11%)
 + Location (Top-5 City): 
London 1743 (16%), New York 1452 (14%), Paris 768 (7%), Milan 672 (6%), Barcelona / Madrid 420/411 (4%)

 + Industry (Top-5): 
Photography 4565 (41%), Apparel & Fashion 971 (9%), Design 740 (7%), Marketing and advertising 559 (5%), Publishing 508 (5%)

 + Company (Top-5): 
Condé Nast 101 (1%), Vogue 55, Getty Images 53, The NET-PORTER Group 29, Hearst Magazines 28
 The B&W in Resistance  / (NYC, MEMBER SINCE: NOV 6, 2012)

 Thinking Eyeball (思考する眼球)/ My official blog & Information on Tumblr

​ The Wheel of Time  (時の輪)/ as Another Personal Gallery on Tumblr 
 A Chain of Soul  (魂の鎖)/ as Another Showcase on Tumblr


his use of black and white allows him to explore echoes of past selves, the world of the unconscious and his own aesthetics and philosophy



Music by Lesiem "Lesiem" in Mystic SpiritVoices (2002) 

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