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A short tale about my photo art activities;

To put it succinctly, my work is not the result of simply TAKING A PHOTO.


- It is to EXCISE a precise cross-section of all times, spaces and emotions flowing in parallel with the other worlds on a subconscious level.

- It is to completely REPRODUCE a part ofmy intrinsic poetry, as a lost piece of my puzzle, imparting a transmission of my life philosophy.

- With each photo comes a REBIRTH of my soul as another piece of MYSELF and a REMINDER of my MEMORIES beyond a time and space, which would otherwise be forever lost in the many stories of my short life and its endless cycles.


Additionally, the subjects of my photographs, especially regarding my current and future worlds revolving in B&W, do not merely suggest that which is VISIBLE, but as much carry with them aspects of the INVISIBLE. This tension between that which is seen, and that which is unseen suggests the INFINITE that I try to capture with my photography.


Of course, no one has the power to confer immortality. However, only every minds and souls are surely deferent from them at that point. Therefore, every soul’s energy oscillates unto INFINITY. One well understood aspect of the eternal nature of the soul is that of artistic expression. This is the real power of ART: to crystallize the ultimately impermanent nature of the artist’s soul into something that can reach toward the infinite.


Thus, each powerful creative expression can reach beyond the physical, and build upon other such unexpected phenomena. Such phenomena, linking disparate places in time and space, and other important ELEMENTS like mankind, are like tiny bubbles drifting across our ephemeral nature on this planet, situated as it is in the long, long, long time and history of the UNIVERSE.


Whoever can feel it at the UNCONSCIOUS level in their day-to-day life, will be able to step beyond the BORDERS to tap into their most primitive and wildest senses, step by step, more and more, with increasing accuracy.


This is how I believe things to be, at least, as long as I remain in this world.



By Osamu Jinguji, 29th-Sep-2012

Music by Amethystium "Shadow to Light" in Aphelion

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